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A Horrifying Threat & More – Latest From The Johnny Depp Trial!

Friday was apparently the ultimate day for witnesses in Johnny Depp‘s libel trial.

While he’s suing The Sun for calling him a “wife-beater” in an op-ed headline, the actual battle is between the Pirates of the Caribbean star and his ex Amber Heard as he’s attempting to show her accusations of home violence are nothing however a “hoax.”

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This week has been all about The Sun‘s witnesses, mostly Amber (and her friends) doubling down on the abuse claims — and defending against her own accusations of abusing Johnny.

So was there anything new on the final day? Some Law & Order twist to change everything? Ch-ch-check out our recap (below)!

A Horrifying Threat

iO Tillet Wright testified on Friday about the infamous fight at the end of the couple’s marriage in May 2016, wherein Johnny is accused of throwing a cellphone at Amber’s face.

What does Amber’s pal know? Apparently he was a witness to the entire thing as he was on the cellphone with the Aquaman star for a few of it!

The author informed the court docket through videolink it was throughout a dialog that Johnny all of the sudden got here at Amber, screaming at her to “get out of the house.” Then there got here a sound, iO stated, like a cellphone being dropped on the ground, after which he heard his good friend’s voice “say one thing like ‘you just threw the phone at my face.’”

He claims Johnny replied:

“Oh, you think I hit you, you think I hit you. What if I peel your hair back?”

Yeesh! That’s horrifying!

The 34-year-previous stated he heard “what sounded like a cry or a yelp” after which Amber shouting out for him to “call 911,” which he then hung up and did.

iO additional testified Johnny was not simply upset however “in a froth” over the ppo on the mattress incident. Amber herself denied that was her, blaming the canine as a substitute. Her good friend backed her up, saying Johnny suffered from “paranoid delusions.”

[We should note, the Darling Days writer is not a psychiatrist and was not testifying in any expert capacity. (We’ve seen SVU, we know what’s up.)]

‘Johnny Would Rather Destroy Me’

Another witness who heard the couple’s intense fights was Amber’s appearing coach, Kristina Sexton, who made clear she by no means noticed any bodily violence however positively was conscious of “emotional violence.”

She testified she at occasions heard “actual arguments happening in the other room” and claimed Amber as soon as informed her:

“Johnny would rather destroy me than let me go.”

Whoa! RED FLAG! That is a few Lifetime film scariness. What have been the fights about? Well, as we’ve heard lots throughout this trial, jealousy. Sexton recalled:

“She started telling me that he was accusing everyone of being in love with her and accusing her of wielding her sexuality all the time. She also told me that he was constantly upset about her ex-partners. She told me he was worried about her having affairs with co-stars.”

The appearing coach additionally corroborates the declare Johnny was attempting to cease Amber from doing films with nudity or intercourse scenes, saying:

“She started telling me that she couldn’t do certain roles because he didn’t want her doing ‘whore parts.’”

Ew. Seriously that’s terrible.

The appearing coach went on to say she and Amber had discussions about how Johnny “really wanted them to have children” however that she wasn’t prepared to do this whereas he was nonetheless an addict:

“I remember her telling me that he wanted her ‘barefoot and pregnant — and at home’ and her saying, ‘I’m not going off the pill. I don’t want to have kids with an addict.’ We had this conversation a number of times over the course of their relationship.”

Sexton testified Amber informed her in regards to the bodily abuse solely after she had filed for divorce.

‘Urinating On The Furniture’

Another good friend of Amber’s, Raquel “Rocky” Pennington took the stand as effectively, revealing among the most horrific acts of violence Johnny dedicated — at the very least that Amber informed her about.

Speaking in regards to the notorious fingertip incident, Rocky backed Amber’s story, revealing what she was informed:

“She said that he was throwing glass bottles at her, and there was broken glass all over the ground which cut her feet. She said he backed her up against a bar and she was trying to support herself but her arms were sliding down and getting cut by broken glass. Amber told me that at this point Johnny ripped off her nightgown and she was naked on the ground, all wet with alcohol, and bleeding. Amber told me that at some point during this fight Johnny had cut the tip of his finger off.”

That is certainly Amber’s facet of occasions, precisely as she acknowledged it in her personal op-ed. Rocky stated she did see some proof:

“Amber showed me pictures of painted messages Johnny had written all over the rental house in paint and his own blood. She said that whilst she had gone to get dressed he had dipped his bloody finger in paint and written all over the walls and the lampshades.”

But that wasn’t the one mark he made on the territory…

“She said she came down and he was urinating on the furniture and had smashed the television.”

If that’s true, if he actually was peeing everywhere in the furnishings, his criticism in regards to the poop within the mattress is a little bit hypocritical.

Rocky additionally stated she “voiced my concerns to Amber that Johnny might accidentally kill her while he was intoxicated or delusional like he was in Australia.”

If all the things Amber has stated about that journey is true, it was a sound concern…

Reality TV Shocker

Perhaps essentially the most courtroom drama-fashion shocker second got here in the course of the cross-examination of Amber’s sister Whitney Henriquez.

Whitney testified beforehand she witnessed Johnny being abusive (extra on that incident HERE) and claimed she had by no means been bodily assaulted by Amber.

It was that second half Johnny’s authorized crew used to impugn her credibility. They confirmed a video from a beforehand unreleased actuality TV present from the mid-to-late 2000s, displaying Whitney in a pool with another girls. In the clip, the ladies ask Whitney in regards to the battle together with her sister, with one being heard saying:

“I can’t believe Amber beat your ass. I know you can beat her ass.”

Another asks:

“Did you really start the fight with your sister? Or did she start it?”

Whitney says solely:

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

However, she does permit the ladies to apparently look over marks on her arms, neck, and chin. One once more voices, trying on the proof:

“She really did whip your ass.”

Johnny’s lawyer contended this was proof Whitney was “lying” when she claimed her sister was “never violent” in the direction of her.

Welp. We guess that’s the top of it.

Did any of this alteration your thoughts in any respect, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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