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Alicia Silverstone Remembers Clueless For 25th Anniversary: Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, & Finding Cher ‘Unappealing’

Letting the 25th anniversary of Clueless go by with no journey down reminiscence lane? As if!

Clueless was an absolute sensation within the ’90s, however the remix of Jane Austen‘s Emma is just as beloved now as it was then. In celebration of the quarter century milestone, star Alicia Silverstone chatted with Vogue about working with director Amy Heckerling, her memories of the late, great Brittany Murphy, and the legacy of the high school classic. 

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While Silverstone enjoys the film’s success and the lasting affect of her character Cher Horowitz, that wasn’t at all times the case. In truth, she initially had a fairly detrimental impression of the teenager queen. She defined: 

“I found Cher on the page to be materialistic and unappealing. And really annoying, to be honest. Just everything I sort of loathed. But I realized that was just me judging her, and once I started working on her I found all the heart and all the love. She loves her daddy so much! And she’s trying to be a supportive friend, so I just sorta put all of my love and heart into this character with these other aspects that were cringeworthy.”

The now 43-year-old described engaged on the movie as fairly grueling and “very much a job.” She recalled feeling “over it” and “frustrated” on the infinite costume fittings, however admitted the top outcome — Cher’s iconic wardrobe — was “genius.”

The Baby-Sitter’s Club star referred to as Heckerling the “best” type of director to work with, whereas granting onscreen love curiosity Paul Rudd the superlative of Most Like His Character IRL: 

“He’s just a good guy who’s smart and lovable and all those good things that make up Josh.”

Not-so-fun truth: Silverstone ultimately removed all the garments she saved from set (no!!!), so the one remaining memento she has from the movie is a photograph Rudd took of her rescue canine Samson. That does sound cute a minimum of!

Though she claimed to not know onscreen BFF Stacey Dash very properly, she had fond recollections of assembly Brittany Murphy. She mentioned:

“I just remember thinking she was so great for the part. I can’t remember how many girls came in to audition for Tai that day and I don’t know if I saw a few girls for it or just her, but I remember Brittany being really adorable. She’s so good at the little accent because she had one already, but I think she just pushed it to new heights. I found her so wonderful and I said to Amy right away ‘I think she’s the one! She was the best one you guys!’ hoping they would agree. She was like ‘Uh yeah duh. Of course she was the best, she’s the one.’”

The actress referred to as the viewers response to the hit “intense,” and the overwhelming response practically drove her away from the movie business for good. However, she was capable of reignite her ardour for appearing and discover a deep appreciation for the legacy of Clueless.

Silverstone cited the affect on the homosexual neighborhood as her “favorite aspect of the film.” She joked: 

Christian Siriano is like my real-life Christian. Whenever we hang out he’s basically like my boyfriend. We love each other so much and I’m sure some of that stems from him really admiring Clueless and what Cher meant to him and all of his friends growing up.”

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She additionally marveled at how “incredible” it’s the film has continued to succeed in so many new younger followers. When requested what about Clueless makes it nonetheless really feel contemporary for present-day audiences, she responded: 

“I think people identify with Cher’s heart and her willingness to change and grow because of how silly she was. She was trying hard to evolve because of her sweet Josh. I don’t know how to explain why or what made Clueless what it was, but I know it happened and I know that people continue to love it. And it never gets old, so that’s the good news. People always say ‘Oh you must be so sick of it.’ But what’s there to be sick of? People liking the movie you’re in? It truly doesn’t get better.”

We’ll at all times love Cher — and clearly, Alicia will too!

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