Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019
Alyona Smirnova Winner of Miss Multiverse 2019 Obstacle Challenge
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Beauty Pageant or Survival Game? Alyona Smirnova Winner of Miss Multiverse.

Alyona Smirnova: Ukranian TV personality best known for The Bachelor TV Show (2017) and currently, as the crowned winner of Miss Multiverse 2019 and title holder of The Most Amazing Woman on Earth. The competition took place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana. Sparkling, crystal clear ocean waves and long, powdery white sand beaches define the area of this all Inclusive picture-perfect tropical paradise.

INTERVIEW: Alyona Smirnova Winner of Miss Multiverse 2019 – Inside view of the competition in her own words.

To tell the truth, I left Ukraine without realizing the amount of responsibility I have in front of m­y home country as a contestant of a huge personality contest and reality TV program. When i was picked up at the airport of Punta Cana, I was much more concentrated on enjoying the process and spending a good time in this tropical paradise. But from the moment I came to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana and received my sash while on stage, I proudly realized that I will do my best to hold the title of Miss Multiverse.

There we go. During the first day I met my roomie – Miss Multiverse Peru. She is super positive and nice person. We had a lot of fun together and prepared for the sash ceremony.

It was an amazing night! I was so proud to stand on stage representing my own county and having an opportunity to show all the best qualities of our beautiful and strong nation.

The Miss Multiverse IQ Test.

The next day we had an IQ test to assess human intelligence, as well as catwalk in business outfit to check fashion sense and runway skills. I aimed for the best, so let’s keep fingers crossed and wait for results.

Obstacles ¨Wipe-out¨ Challenge

During my first physical challenge at the AquaPark Punta Cana, I understood that girls are going to fight hard, and the race is real with only one winner at the end. It’s only one and only who will take the glory at its full.

The moment I was pushed into water by Miss Canada while racing the Blue Monster Slide, I came to a definite conclusion that I have only one chance, with no room for error. Only striving beyond the limits can bring me to top 10 .

On the first week one of the most difficult tasks was the Sneaky Spy Challenge. This challenge required a lot of energy and effort. 

Sneaky Spy Challenge – Deserted Beach Survival

When we arrived on deserted beach we realized how much we love civilization: there was no food, no water, no shelter and no fire to be able to spend the night in safety. I think we have done a really good job and were able to manage all inconveniences pretty fast and efficient.

I was proud of myself, especially on the second part of the Sneaky Spy Challenge—the Scavenger Hunt. I felt the need to head this challenge. Having just one hour to create the map with clues for opponents, and make it as difficult as possible, eventually my leadership led the team to the desired victory.

I was appreciative with our teamwork, as then this victory led to another one—exposing the spy in our team.

Honestly, this is the best and greatest adventure of my life. Every single day since the very beginning, I’m improving myself. And I see results of self-growth during each of our challenges, which we had a lot.

Miss Multiverse Reality TV Program & Personality Contest is not about being beautiful. This contest is about inner strength, self-confidence, and empowering women with leadership skills with a final goal to grow and improve oneself every single day.

The only thing I can say is that everything in this contest is absolutely not what it seems. Once you’ve tried, you are going to remember this your entire life!

Week 2: All That Glitter Is Not Gold

Our second week started with Montana Redonda, who took us to an amazingly beautiful panoramic view of Dominican Republic’s landscape from the top of the mountain. I can surely tell that it was the best view I’ve ever seen and the most energetically powerful place for recharging.

This place gave me positive strength and belief that I’m able to overcome everything if I act with sincere heart and good intentions. After we returned back to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana we had a delicious teppanyaki dinner at a Japanese restaurant, following Miss Moldova’s Birthday celebration at Coco Bongo.

The next day was filled with fun and nice vibes at the pool. We did a bikini show, and then we had a pool party with people who cheered for us during the show. It imbued a burst of energy inside me. It always feels good when you share energy with others. 

As a team leader I was engaged into the process of gathering information for charity challenge. As we drove about 25 minutes away from our luxurious hotel, I realized how contradicting and confusing is the situation in the country full of natural resources. Just 25 minutes away our eyes were seeing unbelievable anti-sanitary conditions necessary for people’s basic living, such as toilets, rooftops, proper walls, and simply space for a family of six.

Just after we visited this family, we started working on charity challenge of collecting money for house renovation. We were using all our resources to be able to help this family. We succeeded, and thanks to Miss Multiverse competition we have one more reason to be proud of. Every challenge in this contest is about improving yourself. So after taking IQ test I realized my strengths and weaknesses. It was very helpful to start fulfilling the gaps. 

This contest wouldn’t be so cool without the fun sports part. We played volleyball. Unfortunately, our team lost, but we really enjoyed the process, as much as the karaoke that evening. It was an amazing starry night. The crowd was joyful. Consequently, I felt myself almost Beyoncé (just kidding), but it was awesome. By the way, I was top 3 best singers. 

Alyona Smirnova Winner of Miss Multiverse 2019

In addition to the marketing and business challenges, another activity on displaying our intelligence and strategic thinking was an escape room with a spy inside. I was extremely happy that we exposed the spy again that way gaining points for the whole team.

Miss Multiverse contest and reality TV show wouldn’t be Multiverse without incredibly important social challenges, such as SAY NO TO PLASTIC! Our Miss Multiverse Beach Clean Up in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism in Dominican Republic gave good results, which we are proud of.

And now: “The Last Woman Standing”.

The last and the most difficult challenge this week- The Last Woman Standing! It’s something absolutely impressive and indescribable. On this challenge, while pushing yourself as hard as you can, even beyond the limits, there were still possibilities to lose. There is only one woman to cherry-pick. After my way I realized how strong and powerful Miss Multiverse girls are. It was incredibly difficult, but I succeeded and held the title “The Last Woman Standing”.

I will always remember this challenge, and each time I will feel myself vulnerable, I will remind myself that I can overcome anything, because I am the Last Woman Standing!

Miss Multiverse 2019 - Last woman standing
Miss Multiverse 2019 – Last woman standing

Week 3: “Hitch Your Miss Multiverse Wagon To The Star”

“And the last contestant to be called for TOP 10….. is Miss Multiverse Ukraine!”  That’s what sparked the fire to improve myself even more. When I heard these words, I felt total happiness and inspiration; courage to keep pushing forward with my next goal to be in Top 5. I know how important my Top 10 finish was for my country and people who believe and support me.

I can definitely say that with Miss Multiverse I became a whole other version of myself which is stronger and more passionate. I found a part of me that I didn’t know existed and a part which I had to work on, and I succeed.

After the semi finals we realized its not over.. its the beginning of a new chapter with challenges and adventures to conquer!

Miss Multiverse is much more than a Beauty Pageant. It is a contest about self-improvement that will change your life.  However, no pain no gain. About this I will speak about thereafter. 

We had amazing adventures and tours that showed us the island, such as a catamaran from Marina Caribe Punta Cana. Speed adventure boogies across the dirt roads leading to a beautiful beach with breathtaking views where we relax and then continue our way to a typical Dominican house where we learned about the lifestyle in the countryside and at the same time learn about the processes of local Dominican products.. but every trip ended with a challenge.

Devise offensive strategies, create defensive plans, eliminate your opponents! Welcome to the Miss Multiverse paintball Challenge. I am not a supporter of war, and believe in peaceful resolutions among nations. But i looked at this activity as a team building game. The challenge was a timed elimination scenario. Teams felt the excitement grow as soon as we arrived to Paintball Park RD and discuss safety, game rules, and received gear and paintball markers. As we put on our goggles then heard.. ready.. set.. go… you can definitely feel the excitement of the pursuit.

We had business and social media challenges and assignments to solve, but the most important challenge of them all was – ¨The Political Debate¨ which both teams failed. I don’t want to justify the results with words; such as, that we were tired, didn’t have time, etc. Failure means failure, and I agreed with Miss Multiverse organization when they used two tools: carrots and sticks with following circumstances.

That night we spent in the house of Dominican family who lives in total poverty. It was very important moment of my life because I realized that I could have fought harder in debates if I was in the shoes of this family and stayed in their house from the very beginning, rather than telling myself that I was tired from challenges while living in paradise. If something ever touches problems of my country, especially regarding the war, I’m fighting like lioness. I remember once I even had an argument with the sweetest contestant Miss America after the war challenge because she was not able to understand how huge this problem is for me and my nation.

Thanks to Miss Multiverse I recognized that it is simply not enough just to be aware of poverty problem (or other problems) until you actually put yourself in their conditions, wear their shoes, if they luckily have any, and share their bread, if there’s something to share. And only after this kind of experience you will be able to fight for these people who are living in poverty in the same way as you would for your country and your own problems. 

The next discovery, which you will never be able to understand while participating in any other Beauty Pageant contests (and yes, I’ve been watching different Pageants for more than a decade,) is that nothing is impossible. As Dalaï Lama once told “Inner strength comes from previous suffering.” It sounds like an incongruous statement but the reality is this; if you suffer now and survive it, it makes you better able to deal with suffering in the future.”

After Last Woman Standing I broke my toe, and just before our surfing challenge at Macao Beach Surf Camp, I significantly damaged my nail on the same toe. I could barely stand; however, after all competed challenges I decided to put myself together and fix my nail and toe with scotch tape to follow the challenge. Why? Because I deserve to be Miss Multiverse. We all need to fight against ourselves with consistency, determination and wiliness to overcome things that challenge us. But only the strongest will achieve this title.

For all that, our last two days were incredible because we moved away from civilization to the wild jungles. While living in the open-air tree house in Dominican Tree House Village with no Wi-Fi and no connection to urban world, I felt united with nature. Only in such exotic and charming place you can get everything out of your head and get things in the right order. Owing to Miss Multiverse, I became conscious that one needs to be close to the nature because humanity can be healed only by magic power of nature.

Now we are ready to shine during the final show on the stage of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana as 10 unique, absolutely special but United Miss Multiverses!

Miss Multiverse 2019 World Finals @ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019

Final Results: Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, December 19, 2019 Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova was crowned Miss Multiverse 2019 at the Theater of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

  • WINNER Miss Multiverse: Miss Ukraine: Alyona Smirnova (Awards: Miss Charity – Miss Business – Last Woman Standing)
  • 1st RU Miss Italy – Alice Veglio (Awards: Miss Social Media – Miss Debate)
  • 2nd RU Miss Moldova – Aliona Chitoroaga (Awards: Miss Friendship – Miss Networker)
  • 3rd RU Miss France – Nadiya Karplyuk (Awards: Miss Positivity)
  • 4th RU Miss Latvia – Kate Alexeeva (Awards: Miss Photogenic)
  • 5th RU Miss America – Shelby Howell (Awards: Miss Intelligence)
  • 6th RU Miss Iceland – Disa Dungal (Awards: Miss Fitness)
  • 7th RU Miss Peru – Karen Isabel Rojas (Awards: Miss Entertainment)
  • 8th RU Miss Russia – Aygul Zaripova (Awards: Miss Catwalk)
  • 9th RU Miss Belarus – Kseniya Osovitskaya (Awards: Miss Bikini)
  • 10th RU Miss Canada – Mina Khtaria
  • 11th RU Miss Belgium – Josephine Charlotte Lecluyse
  • 12th RU Miss Poland – Doris De Palo
  • 13th RU Miss Finland – Kateriina Juselius
  • 14th RU Miss Lithuania – Karolina Karalaite (Eliminated)
  • 15th RU Miss Germany – Maren Tschinkel (Health Issues)
  • 16th RU Miss Spain – Desiree Hampton (Eliminated)

Never made it to the contest:

  • Miss China – Yuan Zhenzhen
  • Miss Kazakhstan – Bibamariyam Duisebekova
  • Miss Romania – Anastasia Cova
  • Miss Zambia – Matildah Maymuna
  • Miss Czech Republic – Lenka Josefiova
  • Miss Mexico – Georgina Vargas

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Head Sponsor: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana.

Director and CEO: Linda Grandia

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Alyona Smirnova is extremely grateful to all those in Ukraine who supported her participation in this competition: