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Jamie Lynn Spears Posts Raw Note About ‘Mental Illness’ – Fans Think She’s Referencing Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears is the newest superstar to get actual about psychological well being following Kanye West’s weird Twitter rant.

The youthful sister of Britney Spears took to social media on Tuesday and echoed the feelings of the celebrities condemning all of the Twidiots who’ve been making enjoyable of the rap titan’s manic episode. Yet while her response was all about Yeezy, followers seen JLS’s phrases additionally subtly referenced her years of coping with the same struggles of her pop icon sister.

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The 29-year-outdated wrote:

“If you deal with mental illness or care for someone dealing with mental illness, then you know how important it is to respect the situation with privacy for the person, and the family trying to protect their loved ones, no matter how it may appear to the public, and as the public we must learn to do the same. I pray this doesn’t bring shame to anyone dealing with mental illness, you are not alone, and you are loved. Sending all my love and prayers to all of you.”

The phrases had been written beneath a sequence of statements from celebs talking out in protection of Kanye and letting followers know that their phrases matter.

One of those stars was Halsey, who wrote in a string of tweets: 

No jokes right now. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I’m so disturbed by what I’m seeing. Personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isnt a joke. If you can’t offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence… you can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to stigma that damages an entire community of sometimes vulnerable people all for a couple of laughs… Sincerely, Human Being with a Decade Long Bipolar Diagnosis.”

Another tweet Jamie shared got here from Glee alum Kevin McHale, who wrote:

“Here’s the thing: as the public, we’ve been witness to too many troubling times for public figures. It’s so so unbelievably easy to forget they’re not a fictional character in your head, but a real human with family and friends and who very possibly needs helps and is in crisis… This is an opportunity for us to be better, to support and to hope a human being can get better. It’s easy to laugh and make jokes at something we don’t personally have to confront, but it’s also just as easy to have empathy for struggle because we alll have had to confront that.”

It’s no shock to see Jamie echoing these sympathetic sentiments: the Zoey 101 alum has been an enormous defender of her massive sis all through years of the Toxic singer’s personal, extremely publicized struggles.

Hopefully followers are getting the message.

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