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How To Wear Cropped Pants

One type of pants that are currently taking the stage are the cropped pants. Cropped pants can be quite tricky to style in the right fashionable way and also many women find them pretty unflattering. But since the stores are full with such pants and you almost every day see somebody wearing them, we would like to show you several street style looks as well as to give you several tips of How To Wear Cropped Pants.

Cropped pants are a type of pants that stop above the ankle but mostly well below the knee. The main reasons why women find them quite unflattering is because they can shorten the leg and it is a fact that all women wish to have longer legs. So, the rule number one about wearing this type of pants is if you have short legs either forget about wearing such pants or at least pair them with some high heels. Also, if you have big calves, you should avoid wearing these pants because they will highlight them. Cropped pants can be found in various styles, from skinny ones to wide-leg trousers, as well as many different colors and patterns. You can never be wrong with wearing black or navy ones, or maybe even white during this time of the year, but also try getting some patterned ones if you want to make a statement. A combo that you can never be wrong with is to pair cropped pants with a tucked in top and some heels. Weather with or without straps, heels are definitely the most appropriate shoes to wear with these trendy pants. But we must mention that you want be wrong if you choose to wear oxford shoes, espadrilles or some ballet flats. This is of course for those of you who have longer legs. Scroll down now to see several street style outfit combinations with different cropped pants and get inspired of how to style these trendy pants this summer. Enjoy!

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Cropped pants are the right type of pants for the summer time. They can be part of your office attire, part of your street style looks as well as part of your combos for a night out, so we definitely advice you to get yourself at least one pair of such pants. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to keep up with the latest fashion trends.