Beauty QueensREALITY TV

Pageant TV reality fusion with the South Korean pop culture

The production company behind “I Am Multiverse” and other TV reality shows featuring an eccentric inside view of fact and drama in high stakes beauty pageants has combined the dramatic elimination of the contestants as part of the game mixed with intellectual, adventurous and adrenaline charged challenges. This new elimination style competition is setting the trends of European pageantry and is rapidly spreading trough Latin America and the USA.

The creator of this concept and lead character of the show; Linda Grandia, has her sights firmly set on fusing this TV reality concept with the Korean wave “pop-superstar culture” to create TV drama with a splash of talent, adventure and glamorous extravaganza.

Mrs. Linda Grandia and Mrs. Yunhye Jung CEO of SH Entertainment

Mrs. Linda Grandia and Mrs. Yunhye Jung CEO of SH Entertainment; signed on the 13th of  April 2018, at the Expert Training Center of South Korea, a bilateral business agrement of collaboration for events and products. The partnership begin with launching its first event titled “Beauty & Talent Competition” scheduled to take place in the city of Incheon, Korea in June 2018 with 30 international models and live events.