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Interview with newly ¨Crowned¨ Ms. Megaverse Texas 2018

Porcha Davis isn’t a household name (yet), but consider her a proud representative of the San Antonio TX community whom will represent USA Texas in the world finals of Miss Megaverse. She will be joining other women from around the world whom will be featured in a reality show that showcases what goes on behind the beauty pageant scene.

In this interview, we get to Know Ms. Megaverse Texas 2018, with our quick “Get to Know Questions”.

Ms. Megaverse Texas, where are you from and how did you get your title?

I am from San Antonio Texas and received my title by applying for a reality show; but soon realized, that its not just a reality show, but also a beauty competition. The format is unlike anything i have seen before, because the program is based on reality thereby the competition is 100% real where the cameras will fallow the situations as they unfold in real time. In my particular case as an actress, learning about this dual system that combines two industries (TV and Pageantry) is providing me with a complete set of new skills within these two global industries. As I get to know  more about this amazing world of pageantry a whole new world of possibilities is opening where i can expand my career as a model and actress. I also realized its not so simple to join, since they where not casting based on beauty, they where evaluating the contestants based on characters , TV charisma, entrepreneurial capabilities, education level and; on top of that, with an interesting true story to tell and philosophy on life. In conclusion, for me to be on the show I had to first become a real pageant title holder, since the TV show is about a real pageant. The producers of the show provided a set of questionnaires that i had to return with pictures of myself. After 2 rounds of interviews, several conversations and completing the online training, I was chosen out of hundreds of applicants from my state and finally presented with the title as an At-Large contestant.

Interesting, what is and At-Large contestant?

An At-Large contestant is a title holder that instead of competing in any state or national pageants to win her title, she is selected from an online casting where thousands of applicants participate. The directors and producers of the show make their judgement and selection based on the applicants presentation, qualifications and talents but most important is her strong character and ability to be self managed and proactive; because pageantry takes dedication, drive, networking capabilities and entrepreneurship as with this title you become an ambassador for your cause and your community; in addition you become part of worldwide sisterhood, these are the basic requirements to receives the pageant title. This is followed by coaching and training using the Missosologist.com online courses and one-on-one conversations via Skyle all leading to the preparations for the world finals.

Well congratulations!! You also mentioned a reality show, what can you tell us about that?

The activities will take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the luxurious Five Star Catalonia Beach Resort. Where talented women from around the world will race for the crown of Ms. Megaverse 2018. But its not all beauty fun and games; this is about a group of women, whom at one point of their lives, dared to dream big and to follow those dreams, they are now on top of their game, they are go-getters and high achievers. They are independent, resourceful and experienced. They have an inspiring story to tell that can empower others. They have managed to overcome obstacles in life in order to achieve, therefore can describe the source of strength, ingenuity and means they draw from within to make them a reality. They will be filmed by multiple cameras as they tell their stories. We hope this pageant will inspire meaningful conversations about people with differences that share common traits, hopes and aspirations around the world.

How do you feel your personality will hold with the other contestants?

I am a loving personality and i care about others; but when the game is on, i can be very competitive, on a personal level i also think it will become an internal conflict within my self, because i will be among a great group of women and i am looking forward to meet them all and share this wonderful experience.

How do you plan on knocking out your competition?

First by keeping in mind that we are all winners, since we already managed to be selected from thousands of applicants to reach the world finals. It already takes allot of dedication and self believe, to embark on this journey as a self managed At-Large contestant. But my plan is to stay focused on the overall goal. I’m also seeking to make new connections and new friends but at the end of the day… This is a competition.

We know that you where asked; what you will do if you win the crown? but we actually, would like to know what you will do…. if you don’t.

If I don’t win Ms. Megaverse at the world finals; I would return home a winner, first because i am up against some strong and worthy contestants and also because I am ¨already¨ Ms. Megaverse Texas 2018, I already have the title of a winner. I will return to my regular life of modeling and acting but with my newly gained experience, I will also continue training for the next pageant, because some of the greatest achievers in history , where not successful in their first attempt, the positive and intelligent approach is to not give up, keep trying,; as a matter of fact, we never loose when doing something positive, we only enrich our selves with experiences, personal growth, new friendships, business contacts and so much more.

It was quite a pleasure interviewing Ms. Megaverse Texas, we wish her the best of luck in her up coming competition and we’ll also be watching!!!!