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Wonderful Tropical Nail Designs To Copy This Summer

The summer is on our doorstep, so one way to wish it a warm welcome is by choosing some tropical pattern for your next nail design idea. And for that purpose today we have chosen several Wonderful Tropical Nail Designs that you can copy this summer.

The summer time is all about colors, so feel free to use many of them. The tropical nail designs definitely need to be quite eye-catching and they can really stand out once you get the sun-kissed tan. They are colorful and fresh and are inspired from the wonderful tropical destinations with the lovely sunshine and amazing beaches. The palm trees, flowers, pineapples, leaves, waves and birds are just some of the symbols for this type of nail designs. The yellow and orange color are used to present the sunshine behind the palm trees. Blue is used for the color of the sea or ocean and beige for the sandy beaches. Also, another interesting way to present the tropical print is with a combination of black nail base with some green leaves and tropical flowers. And if you wish to have a more creative beach inspired nail design, then you can draw some seashells, starfish, seahorses and maybe even some flip flops and beach ball. Scroll down now to see the tropical nail designs we have chosen for you today and draw an inspiration from them for your first summer nail design idea. Enjoy!

Wonderful Tropical Nail Designs

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Photo via: pshiiit.com

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Photo via: sonailicious.com

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The above nail designs are quite similar, but this is because the most common symbols for the tropical nail designs are palm trees, beaches and some tropical flowers. The color choice it will mainly depend on your taste, but you can never be wrong if you go for  yellow and orange nail polishes for the sunset and black to draw the palm trees. Or if you think that you cannot draw them precisely, ask somebody to do it for you or get such nail stickers and apply them on your nails.And when it comes to the tropical flower designs, you can choose whatever color you want to see on your nails.

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