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Side-Swept Hairstyles To Draw Inspiration From

If you think that a center part hairstyle looks boring and it is too mainstream, then you are probably looking for something different to try on. So, because of that today we have made a photo collection of several celebrities who have side-swept hairstyles and we hope that you will draw inspiration from them to try this great hairstyle idea.

A side swept hairstyle will give you a sophisticated and modern look and can be done real quick. You don’t have to cut or shave your hair, because you can achieve a side-swept look, by simply puling your hair back side. What you need to do first is to apply some spray or mousse to damp hair. After that dry your hair with a round brush to make it look more voluminous and then pull your hair to the desired side. Maybe you can even pin it while puling it.

Decide on whether you will wear it straight or you will make it look more glamorous by making some voluminous curls. Depending on the size of curls you want to wear use small or medium tongs starting from the ear downwards and from the front of the head on both sides. Work with four sections each side depending on hair length, alternating by curling one section clockwise and the next anti-clockwise. Take out the pins and gently rake out each section to pull together. When you are done, apply some hair straightening spray, so that you can have a gorgeous hairstyle for a longer time.

Also, you can search for a side-swept hair tutorial on the web, so that you can do it easier. This is the perfect hairstyle for a night out or for some formal events to complement with some elegant dress. Take a look at our photo collection and get inspired of how to wear a side-swept hairstyle. Enjoy!

Photo via: popsugar.com

Photo via: glamradar.com

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Photo via: popsugar.com

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Photo via: aquimoda.com

As you have noticed, this type of hairstyle is really popular among the celebrities, because it definitely fits perfectly with their gorgeous dresses and thus make them look even more elegant. Some statement earrings will definitely look good when having such type of hairstyle. It is meant for only medium and long hair length. And when it comes to face shapes, those of you who have round face shape should definitely wear a side-swept hairstyle. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find other inspiring hairstyle ideas.