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Elegant Big Bun Hairstyle Ideas

One type of hairstyle you can never be wrong, if you want to have an elegant look, is the big bun hairstyle. So, today we have searched around the web and have come up with a photo collection of several Elegant Big Bun Hairstyle Ideas and we are sure that they will inspire you to try this stylish bun hairstyle.

The big bun is the perfect hairstyle for many formal occasions, whether a wedding party or maybe some gala event. It is one of the most approved wedding hairstyles, so as a proof we have chosen several brides with big buns. You can choose to wear a sleek bun, knotted, twisted, braided or maybe a messy one. The big bun or also known as high bun is the perfect hairstyle for women with long and thick hair. But even if you are not one of these lucky ladies, and you face the tiny problem of having thin hair, you don’t have to worry because you can still achieve the voluminous bun look. For that purpose, you will have to use hair donuts, which can be found everywhere at a really low price. After that put the donut around your ponytail and roll it down. Start teasing your comb and thus make your ponytail look thicker. The next step is to slip the donut onto the ponytail and smooth the top layer of the ponytail down. The ponytail should be separated in two or three sections. Wrap one section around the donut to the right and wrap the other side around to the left. Brush smoothly the extra hairs to make it look more sleek and you are so ready to go. And now scroll down to see our photo collection of elegant big bun hairstyles worn by celebrities and some bride models and choose how you will wear the big bun hairstyle. Enjoy!

Elegant Big Bun Hairstyle Ideas

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They look pretty stunning, right? So, whether you choose to wear a messy, twisted, sleek, braided or maybe a knotted big bun, you won’t be wrong, because this type of hairstyle will definitely make you look elegant and stylish. Feel free to add some hair accessories too, to make it look more fabulous. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Women Fashion Tips to find other inspiring hairstyle ideas.