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Granny Hair Trend – Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Trend

Grey hair on a woman is considered as a sign that she is not paying attention to her appearance, but since the granny hair trend has taken the stage, it seems that having a grey hair is a proof that not only youthful looks are beautiful. Women all over the world has started to post silver selfies on Instagram, after seeing the models with silver locks who rock the runways. Even celebrities are loving this hot hair trend and some of them like, Rihanna, Kelly Osborne, Zosia Mamet, Lady Gaga, Pink, Kylie Jenner have been spotted rocking this trend.

Below we have chosen several photos of young ladies who have embraced this granny hair trend and as you will notice they do wear it well. They are several ways of going grey this season. For instance you can choose to combine grey with some purple tips. And since there are many shades of grey, you can choose some light grey shades, including even the almost white shade, or you can go with some dark tones of grey. Also, an ombre grey hairstyle can definitely make a statement and it is the right solution for you, if you cannot decide between the different shades of grey. On the photos below you will also see some other ways of going grey, like pastel grey, lilac grey, purple grey and silver grey. Go ahead and check them out and get inspired to rock this bold hair trend this spring and summer.

Granny Hair Trend

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So, are you brave enough to rock this bold hair trend? If you are, than consult with your hairstylist about the shade that will bets match with your skin tone and eye color. Grey hair can look good on all hair types, from short, medium to long, and straight, wavy to curly ones. And in case you are not ready enough for this hot beauty trend, then try at least to wear some grey tips. If you like them, then afterwards you can pull off this granny hair trend completely. And when it comes to the makeup that best matches with this hair color, try wearing some bold one and thus achieve a more dramatic look that will for sure make a statement. Or maybe go for some neutral colors for soft, gentle look.

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